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Local Service - Berlin / Germany

Curated by: Local Service Berlin

November 2023



GlogauAIR - Berlin / Germany 

Curated by: Suzy Royal

November 2023

Bildschirmfoto 2023-10-24 um 17.29 Kopie.jpg

Über das Neue

Belvedere 21 - Vienna / Austria

Curated by: Christiane Erharter,

Andrea Kopranovic, Ana Petrović,

Claudia Slanar, Luisa Ziaja

July 2023

Ghost in the Machine

Gallery Berg - Sweden / Stockholm 

Curated by: Erik Berglin 

May 2023

Hotel Kunst - Traum (Group)

Gebe-Factory Vienna / Austria

Curated by: Anny Wass & Gert Resinger

April 2023

The Group Show (Group)

Vienna / Austria 

Curated by: David Mase 

January 2023

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