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Rounds - Local Service Berlin

The Round Series focuses on the creative interplay of intuition and the deformation of surfaces, coupled with the fusion of color synergies. The applied technique is derived from the Archetype Series, with the processing of metal in the Round Series forming a distinctive character element. Appelt uses a hot wire to furrow extruded polystyrene while simultaneously allowing it to fuse on the surface. This results in a shiny, flawless trail that produces sculptural landscapes. Coating it with colored epoxy resin adds an additional dimension, creating a deep color spectrum and an expanded perspective on the sculptural landscape.

The sculptural landscape is framed by a precisely crafted metal frame, bent and connected precisely from a single piece of strip material.


Duration of the exhibition: 25.11.2023 - 2.12.2023

Opening Hours: 25.11 - 26.22. 11am - 7pm 

                      2.11. 11am - 7pm  

With appointment:

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