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Über das Neue - Belvedere 21

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What is happening in the local art scenes, in the studios and alternative exhibition spaces? And how can the diversity of the production and presentation of art be captured in an exhibition?


Belvedere 21 already explored these questions in 2019 with the show Über das Neue. Young Scenes in Vienna and, in collaboration with numerous actors, implemented a dynamic format with shared curatorial authorship. In addition to 18 individual artistic positions, changing exhibitions were on show in the exhibition of twelve Viennese project spaces, which opened with midi-sages and were accompanied by discursive events and performances.


About the New. Viennese Scenes and Beyond, 2023 picks up this thread again and develops the original concept further: in order to broaden the view of contemporary approaches, strategies and discourses, the foray now also involves artists* and project spaces from other parts of Austria. By making the show more dynamic, which includes 44 artistic positions as well as 24 exhibitions curated by project spaces in the exhibition, the perspectives on what art can be today, on its themes, aesthetics, forms of expression and on how art is perceived are multiplied.


This polyphonic tracing of the "new" - in all the ambivalence that this term and its function in contemporary art entail - does not claim for itself the grand overview, but rather the image of a growing entity that has no beginning and no end and is in constant flux.


Duration of the exhibition: 14.7.2023 - 15.10.2023

Exhibitions in the exhibition curated by: DESSOUS, Kulturdrogerie, Laurenz, Magazin. space for contemporary architecture, periscope, Pinacoteca, Stiege13, WAF

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