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Current Artwork

The Silicon Series - Rounds



Round 2 (2023)

15 x 21 cm 

XPS, Pigment Metal & Epoxy

The Silicon Series - Couples 

In the extraterrestrial-looking works, terrestrial thematic complexes are increasingly negotiated with sculptural formal language. The series Coupled, with objects from everyday life, for the first time clearly establishes a connection with human beings.In addition to a highly polished chrome pipe, chains, glass bottles or the course of a beverage can are also at the centre of the works. The actual work has gradually receded into the background in the course of the development process of the Silicon Series. The body nevertheless creates an essential spatial restriction and reflection surface for the examination of found objects that catch my attention. 



Eiskalt (2023)

70 x 100 cm 

XPS, Pigment, Metal & Epoxy

5 Kopie_edited.png



Flaschenhalter (2023)

40 x 50 cm 

XPS, Pigment, Metal, Glass & Epoxy



Thai Break (2023)

40 x 50 cm 

XPS, Pigment, Metal, Tennis Balls & Epoxy

The Silicon Series - Archetype 



Green Velvet (2023)

50 x 40 cm 

XPS, Pigment Metal & Epoxy



Synchron-Schwimmen (2023)

50 x 70 cm 

XP, Pigment Metal & Epoxy 



Lemon #d9c022  (2023)

110 x 120 cm 

XP, Pigment, Metal & Epoxy 

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