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Current Artwork



Rauch und Schall (2023)

50 x 40 cm 

XPS, Pigment Metal & Epoxy



Synchron-Schwimmen (2023)

50 x 70 cm 

XP, Pigment Metal & Epoxy 



Glitch Screen  (2023)

50 x 40 cm 

XPS, Pigment, Metal & Epoxy

Silicon is a rather sticky synthetic material used for its water repellency and insulating properties, delineating an element of which humans are largely composed. The chemical definition refers to a group of synthetic polymers in which silicon atoms are linked via oxygen atoms. Another link can be made to the epicentre of the digital world, Silicon Valley, even if only in name. 


Black Treacle (2023)

50 x 70 cm 

XP, Pigment, Metal & Epoxy 

Collectibles - Day bye Day

This series of works deals with colour theory and can be combined in different ways. The individual elements are always the same height, differing only in width and angle of inclination. The work itself is abstract, but can be influenced by situations, impressions and emotions of everyday life in its composition. The individual elements bear a sequence number and can thus also be interpreted as a continuous documentation of time development. 

Dark Matter 

An impenetrable black is what characterises dark matter, my eponymous series of artworks takes its cue from the otherworldly feel of space. Something inhuman almost untouched, the smooth bodies stretch across empty space. Gesturally, the works can be classified as less dynamic and thus radiate a threatening calm. Two-dimensional and at the same time spatial. 



Shifting (2021)

100 x 120 cm 

Acryl on Canvas 



Tendency #65 (2021)

100 x 120 cm 

Acryl on Canvas 

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