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Vector Painting / 2020



Vector Painting #34 (2020)

120 x 135 cm 

Acryl on Canvas 



Vector Painting #89 (2020)

120 x 140 cm 

Acryl on Canvas 

The Vector Painting series finds its origin in 2020 in the following works, not all of which were documented before they were sold. They deal with digital painting, as do later groups of works. Nevertheless, the approach is still very simplified, forms are repeated and colour arrangements are often reduced to three components. Nevertheless, this series of works is the starting point for the exploration of my developed printing process as an aid to digital painting.



Vector Painting #28 (2020)

100 x 100 cm 

Acryl on Canvas 



Vector Painting #43 (2020)

120 x 120 cm 

Acryl on Canvas 

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