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Capsule Tree / 2022



Capsule Tree (2022)

15 x 15 x 200 cm 

Mixed Media

While the canvas series Day bye Day deals with the deconstruction of painting, among other things, and with the flexible arrangement of the works also calls the audience to act as an artist, the capsules focus on the sculptural genre. The dismantling is continued and advanced in the Capsule Tree series, whereby the shape can be understood as a medium for the preservation, research, mediation and presentation of information. It is not only possible to arrange entire harmonies, but also to create individual tones and thus new sequences and convolutes. The three-dimensional realization of the Day bye Day canvas works is thus even more centered on the act of curating and composing. In addition to colored elements, the capsules also store essential materials for the sculpture. Wood, metal, chrome, marble, gibber, epoxy resin form the vocabulary with which new sentences can be formed. The size arrangement of the individual building blocks is subject to a fixed number of capsules that must be represented in a bundle in order to be able to set the keystone. An interplay of the second and third dimensions becomes visible, in which both series of works appear to be connected with one another, although not dependent on one another.


Duo Capsule  (2022)

12 x 12 x 43 cm 

Mixed Media 

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